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Roofs are awesome. And we can make even better use of them. They offer thousands of square meters potential spaces to come together, give animals room to thrive, grow food, and make our city greener. A place to nurture our planet and bodies. At DÂK we'll show you what's possible.

Garden and art

Soil City is the place to be at DÂK if you're passionate about urban gardening, art and biodiversity. We bring together a variety of Garden and Art activities that revolve around Soil City, creating a vibrant community focused on making our city more sustainable and enjoyable. 

A special place for the yellow pea

We want to introduce you to our little powerhouse: the yellow pea. Because we absolutely adore him. Curious why?

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“We're not just greening rooftops; we're building a strong and connected community that cares for our city.” - DÂK co-founder Berend van Zanten

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Food & Urban farming

Peas Out Masterclass 

Prepare to delve into the world of urban gardening, cooking with the delicious yellow pea, and nurturing your own green oasis. Led by DÂK's resident gardening expert, Nanne van der Linden, and DÂK resident chef, Jonathan Haile (Jona Kitchen).
July 25th, SOLD OUT


Rooftop Gardening Club

Get your hands dirty and learn from our resident gardening expert, Nanne van der Linden, as you nurture the garden.Feel free to ask any questions about your own urban garden or gardening in general. It's a wonderful opportunity to gain valuable insights and enhance your green thumb skills.
Every Tuesday from 5.00 - 7.00pm


DÂK Bingo 

Green roofs are a catalyst for thriving biodiversity. What exciting discoveries await you on and around DÂK? Let's explore and uncover the hidden gems of our urban jungle with our ongoing bingo!


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DÂK's Peasful Garden

Get ready to immerse yourself in a breathtaking rooftop garden adorned with an array of extraordinary crops by Jeroen Klompe. This verdant paradise will be a harmonious fusion of native herbs, vibrant flowers, luscious vegetables, and an assortment of captivating plants, creating a lush tapestry of colors and scents.

In collaboration with Bibliotheek Rotterdam, we have curated a collection of books specifically related to the themes of Soil City ánd Soul City. Feel free to explore these literary treasures and expand your knowledge amidst the lush greenery.

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Bob Ross Painting Party 

What does a greener Rotterdam look like? Experience it at the Bob Ross Painting Party: Happy Little Rooftop Dreams Unfold. The distant, distant cousin of Bob Ross (Saskia den Hartigh) will take you on an adventure during this special DAK Painting Party with a stunning view of Rotterdam. Get creative and remember: We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.

July 16 & July 18 - sold out 
hosted by artist Saskia den Hartigh

KIDS edition 

Early afternoon - sold out
Late afternoon - sold out

hosted by artist Lennard de Heer


Mural exhibition Creatures of the Rooftop

Children are the future! So, we decided to let them go wild and show us their awesome green dreams for Rotterdam. Artist Melcher Oosterman turned their drawings into larger-than-life illustrations. Now, as you climb up the stairs, you'll encounter amazing creatures. This exhbition is part of the Electrique Fantastique project by KONGSI, specially curated for DÂK, in collaboration with Powerklas +, BSO Kinderdam, WMO Radar, CultuurConcreet and Jan Prins Basisschool.

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Drawings by Melcher Oosterman

Anker 3

About the yellow pea

In the heart of Rotterdam, a culinary revolution began with chef Pepijn Schmeink and farmer Jeroen Klompe, as they rediscovered the forgotten gem—the yellow pea. This unassuming legume holds remarkable qualities that go beyond its humble appearance. 

Peas work their magic in the soil, enriching it and making it a regenerative force for both the planet and your body. Packed with protein, the yellow pea is also a perfect ally for building your plant-powered muscles. It's also an incredible substitute for chickpeas in beloved dishes like hummus, falafel, salads, and even Indian delicacies. What makes the yellow pea even more extraordinary is its local origin—the backyard of Rotterdam. This all makes the yellow pea an exceptionally sustainable choice.

The yellow pea is not just an ingredient; it's a symbol of sustainability, flavor, and the vibrant spirit of Rotterdam.

Taste the yellow pea


Indulge in creamy homemade yellow pea hummus made by our resident chef Jonathan Haile. And explore our pop-up food design creations in collaboration with  Flowers & Sours. Treat yourself to delectable yellow pea snacks, perfectly paired with refreshing drinks.


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