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1. What are the opening hours?

Tuesday - Wednesday 15:00-22:30
Thursday - Friday 15:00-23:00

Saturday 14:00-23:00
Sundag 14:00-22:30

Mondays closed

Sunday - Friday: €4,50

Saturday: €10,- at the door (€4,- till 17.00)

Exception for the Yardbird Rooftop Party

Make sure you're on time because we have limited capacity! 
Kids and perros are welcome for free. 
PIN only.


2. How do I know what's on DÂK that day?
On our website and socials, we reveal the program in July and August.


3. Do you have to pay an entrance fee?

Yes at the door there is a 4,50 euro or 10 euro (Saturday) charge to enter. You can't make an early reservation or buy tickets in advance. On Saturdays the entrance fee is different. On those days the party is hosted by an external partner. Limited tickets are sold at the door, check our Instagram for availability. 


4. Can I bring my own food and drink? 
Food you may absolutely bring. At the Social BBQ you can grill deliciously where we also light the barbecue for you. Luxurious right?

Drinks must be bought at the bar at our wonderful bartenders, with that turnover we hope to have some turnover left at the end! 


5. Is DÂK accessible for people who are limited in stair climbing?
There is an elevator available and when you tell security downstairs that you are limited in stair climbing they will escort you to the elevator. Please note that the elevator is part of the parking garage and may be out of order at times. Also, unfortunately, the restrooms on site are not ground level. Finally, again, when DÂK is full there will be a wait. 


6. Is DÂK suitable for children?
Yes, please bring your children along. There are games, a giant sandbox and we have delicious lemonades!


7. Is DÂK suitable for dogs?
Yes, even the
dog can come along. Of course on a leash and house trained. ;)

8. What is Share the Joy?  
With the ticket called '1 for you + 1 donation' you get one ticket for yourself to access the event. Additionally, you donate one ticket to someone else. We make sure that your donated ticket goes to someone who wouldn't be able to attend otherwise. We collaborate with foundations like MANO, Groente Zonder Grenzen and WMO Radar. That's how we share the joy! 


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