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When we opened our doors in 2014 we were one of the first to try something on a rooftop. With a small, young team and a lot of enthusiasm we opened DÂK, a space with a focus on connecting people and taking care of our surroundings. 


We were inspired by our travels and saw a lot of rooftops being used as thé places to be, from Antwerp to Madrid and from Bangkok to Bogota. Still, in Rotterdam not much was happening at this lonely height. So we got together, brought our strengths and knowledge together, and combined this inspiration to a new concept. 


Instead of a fancy cocktailbar we decided DÂK should be a park. A place that is for anyone, a place where you take of your shoes, a place where you can play. Just like in a park, from day one, you are welcome to bring your own food. Our social BBQ concept was made to be more accessible for everyone, and also to bring people together alongside the big BBQ’s. If you pay attention, you notice that a lot of what we do is with a focus on connecting people. 


Go find out for yourself.

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